Green Prohibitionist, No Wiggle Room For Cannabis

In Australia, there are a couple of million voters who use Cannabis on a regular basis.

There are a whole lot more who would benefit economically when Cannabis is a tradable commodity in agriculture and energy. The budget for health and law enforcement will be reduced with the repeal of prohibition. 

Green’s Leader, Senator Richard Di Natale wants to continue Cannabis prohibition.

His party “do not support the legalisation of currently illegal drugs”.
“Ironically, medicinal Cannabis is still an illegal drug. The Narcotic Drugs Act doesn’t do anything about the distribution, supply, prescription of the drug… there’s no legislation around how doctors will prescribe it.” said Senator Di Natale.

“We’ve got to take it out of the hands of backyard growers and we’ve got to put it in the hands of a regulated industry, where we know that people who are suffering from serious medical conditions can get access to a drug of known quality.” The translation of this statement from the Senator is not lost on the average Cannabis consumer in Australia, some 2 or 3 million voters, who would be growing the herb themselves if it were legal. Handing supply over to big business is a very unpopular idea.

Supply to the terminally ill will be an improvement when it happens. The Narcotic Drugs Act does not relate to the decriminalisation of Cannabis for general cultivation or recreational use, which will remain a law enforcement issue.

Terminal or Criminal?

On announcing the amendments, Health Minister Sussan Ley made the Coalition Government’s position on recreational Cannabis clear: “This is not a debate about legalisation of Cannabis. This is not about drugs. This is not a product you smoke. This has nothing to do with that.”

According to the announcement; A patient with a valid prescription can possess and use a medicinal Cannabis product manufactured from Cannabis plants legally cultivated in Australia, where the supply is appropriately authorised under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and relevant state and territory legislation for the management of painful and chronic conditions.

Medical Amnesty

‘We’ve waited decades for these so called clinical trials, in the long term they may be fruitful,  in the meantime we’re calling for at least some interim measures to address the concerns of 10’s of thousands of Australians currently using Cannabis for medical purposes.’ said HEMP Party Secretary Andrew Kavasilas.

We need a better deal

Prohibition restricts the cultivation of Cannabis for industrial use based on its THC content. Hemp farming will be considered more viable when the seed is legal as food. Until then it’s the equivalent of growing wheat for the stalks under strict conditions.

Prohibition sustains the high price for Cannabis and the profits are very attractive. Ending prohibition will save a fortune on health and law enforcement. Millions of dollars are spent daily on Cannabis via the black market. Where does all the money go?

The annual law enforcement budget is also millions of tax payer dollars that have failed to stop illegal trade and denied access to a natural medicine.

A vote for the Liberals, Nationals or the Greens is no good for self medication or Dave the Stoner who will now have the opportunity to select six preferred parties above the line on the Senate ballot paper. Twelve or more selections below the line will last longer in the count that will elect the last two or more candidates with less than a quota in the likely double dissolution on July 2.

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

Cannabis: the plant, the whole plant and nothing but the plant.

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