Going for it again

Ok, we’re going for it again!

Register now for the Federal election, and be prepared to keep your details up to date, and confirm your membership immediately if you are one of the lucky twenty that are checked. Anyone fails to respond, we fail to register.

Also, for those living in NSW, we want to register as a party for council elections (held next year), same conditions as above, and if we are successful, we would like to hear from those interested in standing in their council elections as HEMP candidates.


Ironically enough, this registration situation came about when we helped expose Malcolm Jones and the bogus “Marijuana Freedom Party” in 2004, and the Federal Government’s response was to make it more difficult for Parties without sitting members, by requiring them to register each election and pass a membership check that requires a 100% response. We can only wonder if parties with sitting members would pass the same test.



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