Federal Election Countdown

Defining HEMP’s Mission

Election 2019. Many voters don’t know about HEMP. Some ask about our other policies or want to know about our opinion on issues other than Cannabis. Officially there are none, HEMP is a formal protest to end prohibition. It’s highly unlikely that a HEMP candidate will become an elected senator.

The Single Issue

Prohibition has failed, it has caused much more harm than good. Prohibition is continuing to cause confusion and places an increasingly significant number of Australians with acute and chronic medical conditions in an appalling situation. Those who enjoy Cannabis for personal reasons are in a sickening legal situation too.

Candidates for 2019 will soon be nominated

The HEMP Party intends to nominate senate candidates in all states and territories for a national formal protest vote to end prohibition. $32,000 is required in AEC nomination fees for a full set of candidates. The minimum is two candidates in each state or territory.

Asking For Donations

The donate page on the website contains the PayPal button and the conditions for donating to HEMP. Direct transfer from a bank to the HEMP account is another option. In each case the donor’s name and address are required to satisfy the electoral commission.

Claiming Support

Gifts and contributions to political parties may be claimed as income tax deductions. The most you can claim in an income year is $1,500.

HEMP Party Australian Business Number. ABN: 75 964 710 260


PayPal or Card online

Transfer to:
Help End Marijuana Prohibition HEMP Party
BSB 062-565
Account Number 10721202

Donate to the HEMP Party

HEMP Facebook Groups

Each state will have two HEMP Party candidates for the Senate. Pages and groups on facebook will help us coordinate our efforts as we move closer to election day.


All election campaign posters, flyers and printed material will require authorisation to comply with the new rules set out by the AEC.

Voting Preferences

Cannabis consumers come from the entire political spectrum. Cannabis law reform will come with bipartisan support. A vote for HEMP within your selection of six above the line on the senate ballot paper is your clear message to end prohibition.

Vote Without A Trace

The privacy of the polling booth is the safest place to protest about Cannabis prohibition and one moment when you need not be paranoid about making a mark for law reform.

A vote for HEMP is a vote for the whole plant, for home growing, for self medication and legal trade.

Help End Marijuana Prohibition

VOTE 1 HEMP – The protest vote to re-legalise Cannabis.

Authorised by: M. Balderstone, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, 51 Cullen St. Nimbin NSW 2480


No Impairment No Fine

Positive saliva testing drivers with a trace of Cannabis that was consumed over 12 or more hours ago does not equate to impairment. Possession of illegal saliva is enough to lose your driver licence and be branded as a drug user in the eyes of the law. Sobriety testing for impairment or risk as a driver would be more equitable.

Federal Election 2019

Federal Election 2019 Help End Marijuana ProhibitionHelp End Marijuana Prohibition

VOTE 1 HEMP – The protest vote to re-legalise home-grown Cannabis. Look for HEMP on the Senate ballot paper at the next federal election.

Better legislation for Cannabis will improve our health, nutrition, policing and the annual budget. Cannabis can provide a better solution for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony.

The HEMP Party has a plan to integrate the whole plant into our everyday lives.

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