Father and Daughter Stand for HEMP in WA

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party has nominated a father and daughter, James and Tayla Moylan, to be their Senate Candidates in Western Australia. (more info)

Mr Moylan, outlined the approach the HEMP Party is taking to the re-run of the WA Poll. “We did quite well at the Federal Election and WA polled the highest percentage of all the six states. We averaged about 0.7% across all States and more importantly managed to get our message out to a huge number of interested Aussies.”

“The HEMP Party Campaign will be supported by all our branches across Australia. We will focus on the areas where all the political parties largely agree: on industrial hemp, on hemp seed for food, and on Cannabis as medicine for the terminally ill and other indisputably needy patients.

With the growing public awareness that Cannabis has valid industrial, medical, and nutritional uses, we expect to get an even better vote this time. We need to see some progress regarding all the things we already agree on.”

The HEMP Party will launch its campaign in Perth on or about the 25th of March and Jim and Tayla plan on travelling both north and south of Perth during the campaign. 

How long until the legalisation wave sweeping America reaches our shores?

Michael Balderstone (HEMP Party President) 02 6689 0326 or by email at head@hempembassy.net


Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party


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