The Taliban and the American religious right have a great deal in common. They want to smash the division between religion and state, and force everyone to live by laws derived by a literal but narrow and very selective reading of traditional holy scriptures.
The Family First Party is the voice of that religious right in this federal election, and represents a highly dangerous trend. It is part ofa further Americanisation of Australian politics. This can also be seenin the Presidential style campaigns being run by the major parties, and the constant references to middle Australia.
Every law is an act of violence at least in a latent sense. If a citizen does not comply, the police will use physical force to arrest and detain the lawbreaker and haul them before the courts. This is a completely appropriate response to someone who is mugging random strangers at knifepoint, but a completely excessive and tyrannical response to someone whois smoking out the back.
The TV advertising campaign the Family First have been running,virtually accusing the Greens of peddling drugs on every street corner,is nothing less than a hate crime against the Australian people. The decades of tough prohibition laws have succeeded in producing a situation where drugs are readily available in every prison and every high school in Australia. The suggestion that things would be even twice as bad if the laws weren’t so tough is laughable. You couldn’t reach the same level of saturation of drug use in the community if you stood on street corners and gave out drugs for free.
Queenslanders will see through this charade of morality. Remember all those years of Joh Bjelke-Petersen sprouting righteous Christian morality? At the same time that he led a direct assault on the rights of the Qld citizenry, he was also presiding over the most incredible corruption, including police protection of and direct involvement with major drug traffickers.

Prohibition thrives on the alliance between MrBig and Mr Bigot.
Tony Kneipp HEMP Senate candidate for Queensland 28/9/2004


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