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police-wranglingHEMP PARTY: “We are not ‘promoting an illegal activity’: we are engaging in democracy.”

The National Campaign Director of the HEMP Party, James Moylan, is headed to Sydney today for a round of controversial “HEMP Activism & Police Wrangling” workshops which have attracted several hundred backers online.

The Sydney event is the third in a series of workshops which are being held in capital cities ahead of the Election Campaign.

“The response has been incredible. I’ve been astounded by the number of people who are hungry for information on how to resist the everyday oppression of the ‘drug laws’ in our country. People are hungry to know their rights. Illegal Cannabis use a reality in our society, and illegal Cannabis users need to know how to stay legally healthy,” said Mr Moylan.

The series of HEMP Activism and Police Wrangling workshops being presented by Mr Moylan have been criticised for promoting an illegal activity.

When questioned about this Mr Moylan was passionate in his response. “The naysayer’s and ‘anti-drug’ crusaders will always find a bone to pick. The truth is that Cannabis use is rife in our society.

Just who are these Cannabis users? They are your Mother or Father, Sister or Brother, or your son or daughter. People in all walks of life and in all age groups. In fact there are more grandmothers who smoke Cannabis in Australia than there are ‘Hippies’ in the whole of the southern hemisphere.

And these many people will consume Cannabis despite and in spite of the law: that is the reality.

So Australians need to know how best to go about living in our society while having a big target tacked onto their back. The bigotry of the wider society means that Cannabis users must be prepared and proactive in protecting their liberty.”

“So no. I reject utterly the idea that we are promoting an illegal activity. Instead we are promoting a rational and compassionate approach to Cannabis use in our society, and regarding Cannabis users in our society.

Just look around any one of our workshops and you will find the best of our country there. Aussies who are interested in using democracy to change what they see as unjust and hurtful laws. Citizens of Australia who are raising their voice against what they see as basic oppression.

We are not promoting an illegal activity: we are engaging in democracy and using people power to change the law: isn’t that the way we are all supposed to do it?”

For further info Mr Moylan can be reached (on the Campaign trail) on 04 3937 7217.

On Saturday the 8th of June Mr Moylan will be hosting a HEMP Activism & Police Wrangling Workshop in the Domain in Sydney (see http://goo.gl/maps/gQNXs  or follow the links to facebook events).

Also Sat June 15th in Brisbane‘s Botanic Gardens.




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