Eden-Monaro by-election 2020

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party will provide a protest vote for Cannabis law reform at the Eden-Monaro by-election on Saturday 4 July 2020.

HEMP Party President and candidate Michael Balderstone, who turns 72 during the by-election campaign, has passionately continued his protest for justice since the HEMP Party began in 1992.

If Michael wins he will move to Eden-Monaro and be closer to Canberra for work on Cannabis law reform. “You’re allowed to smoke there now.”

Why can’t we all grow a couple of plants like in Canberra which is surrounded by this electorate? If we were allowed home-grown for personal use across Australia, we could save billions in health care and policing costs. We could be saving money instead of wasting it.

I grew up in the country and was sent to boarding school at a young age which I found traumatic. After discovering Cannabis my migraines miraculously disappeared.

I moved to Nimbin 35 years ago and found it to be a refugee camp from the war on drugs. As I learnt more about this war against a plant that is a fantastic safe medicine, my fury knew no bounds at such injustice.

I believe if we could legally grow our own supply it would save billions in policing and health costs and help millions enjoy a higher quality of life.

I would provide an affordable licence for people to use their knowledge and talent in supplying dispensaries and create local employment. But instead we are licensing international companies to grow indoor crops. Australian laws have turned Cannabis experts into criminals who are denied a hearing!

Cannabis is nothing like any of the other illegal drugs which are all chemical based or processed. Current policing with sniffer dogs and saliva testing drivers has changed drug trends and makes people move to dangerous drugs that quickly leave your system and are harder to detect. Bulky smelly Cannabis is the easiest arrest.

I have witnessed dozens of people use Cannabis to break addictions from alcohol, ice, tobacco and heroin. Cannabis is an excellent medicine for PTSD, if only authorities would let our suicidal veterans have access but they deny it.

Drug use is simply people trying to feel good, or endure less pain. Why on Earth is it a criminal issue? So the pharmaceutical industry have a monopoly on pain relief, a very profitable business.

The current government’s imported medical Cannabis program is ruled by the same people who hate the idea of allowing home grown medicine.

And you are not allowed to drive! Automatic loss of licence for 3 months if you are caught with THC in your saliva. The law is prohibiting use of a plant that has never caused one death and once was in the majority of medications before prohibition. Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party


0472 760 236


What is HEMP?

Many voters don’t know about the HEMP Party.

Some Aussie voters ask about our other policies or want to know about our opinion on issues other than Cannabis.

Officially there are none, HEMP is a formal protest to end prohibition.

It’s all in the name that is HEMP – Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

HEMP says

Prohibition has failed, it has caused much more harm than good. Prohibition is continuing to cause confusion and places an increasingly significant number of Australians with acute and chronic medical conditions into an appalling situation. Those who enjoy Cannabis for personal reasons are in a sickening legal situation too.

There’s plenty of work to do on law reform, the federal government needs to step in on sniffer dogs and saliva testing which are driving people to use dangerous drugs. It’s absolutely clear our federal politicians have no idea about a genuine medical cannabis regimen.

Current laws fail to address the criminality of millions of ordinary Aussies who enjoy a toke. It’s time to end the war and instead tax and regulate to create investment opportunities plus thousands of Cannabis industry jobs, just like we see in the USA and Canada.

The last 3 years of so-called ‘legal medical cannabis’ in Australia has been too slow and an expensive total disaster for us all. Australians must have legislation to address their immediate needs and the concerns of an ever-increasing number of chronically ill patients who use Cannabis for medical purposes.

The debate on medical use needs to mature and develop in line with other countries. We need specific interim measures implemented and fine-tuned over a period of 12 months or until new policy decisions are legislated.

The HEMP Party proposes a moratorium and amnesty in relation to the broader issue of prohibition impacting society. Redirected funding from law enforcement, which has failed disastrously in social and financial terms, would be better spent on natural disaster relief and essential services, particularly in Eden-Monaro.

Ending Prohibition

Cannabis as commodity will have far reaching consequences on legislation and the value of other commodities including crude oil, coal, cotton, beef & dairy, wood-pulp, soy bean, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco and etc..

It is HEMP Party policy to establish hemp industries producing fuel, fibre, paper, textiles, food, oil and other environmentally sound products. Cannabis can absorb carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere to reduce global warming and restore degraded soil for better land management.

home grown health care

The HEMP Party scored well in the 2019 federal election with 1.8% of the primary senate vote. Via the privacy of the polling booth, more than 260,000 voters sent a clear message that Cannabis law reform is their policy priority and voters displayed faith in HEMP to negotiate with the government on Cannabis related issues.

Cannabis users are from all walks of life and we are asking you to vote 1 HEMP to send a message to the government its time the laws changed and you’d like to grow a few plants yourself like they can in the ACT.

The HEMP Party is advising voters to choose their own order of preference.

HEMP believes the strategy is best for uniting opposition towards prohibition and treating Cannabis as a separate issue, as HEMP believes it is the common sense approach to separate Cannabis from other substances in policy terms.


 Eden-Monaro by-election how-to-vote HEMP

Look for the leaf on the ballot paper.


Write the number ‘1’ in the box next to the HEMP Party candidate Michael Balderstone.

Write the numbers ‘2’, ‘3’ and so on against all the other candidates
until all the boxes have been numbered, in order of your preference.

You must number every box for your vote to count.

You can safely vote HEMP in the polling booth and nobody will know, so you won’t lose your job.

Authorised by: M. Balderstone, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, Nimbin – HEMP.org.au


Candidate information at ABC News



FAB: Party Policy for Cannabis Legalisation

The link above provides a quick rundown of party Cannabis policies during the 2019 federal election.


  • Cannabis can absorb carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere to reduce global warming.
  • Cannabis can restore degraded soil after mining for better land management.
  • Cannabis can reduce the cost of energy by displacing fossil fuels.
  • Cannabis can provide a higher quality of life as a cheap source of food, fuel, fibre and medicine for all of us.
  • Cannabis can do it like nothing else can.

Eden-Monaro By-Election Candidate Michael Balderstone


Better Cannabis legislation will improve our health, nutrition, policing and the annual budget.

Cannabis can provide a better solution for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony.

The HEMP Party has a plan to integrate the whole plant into our everyday lives.

Interim Measures on Cannabis for medical purposes in Australia

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