Michael Balderstone, NSW Senate HEMP candidate, said this morning that the British governments change on cannabis is very encouraging.
“The British Governments change to make possession of cannabis no longer an arrestable offense is in line with most of Europes new attitude towards drug use. In Australia around 80% of drug arrests are for cannabis, mostly small amounts, costing a fortune in police time, court costs and red tape. Not to mention the alienation and anger aroused in the victims.
“By re-categorising cannabis to a class c drug the British are sending a message that cannabis is safer than powders or pills, and they’re correct. At least with a herb you can see what you are getting.
“In the black market place at present, where all illegal drugs are sold, cannabis is by far the easiest bust. Its bulky and smelly, can’t be hidden easily and anyone nearby knows if you smoke it. The current situation in Australia is seriously encouraging the use of more dangerous drugs.
“If cannabis users were allowed to grow their own plants, far less other drugs would be used and billions, yes billions of dollars could be saved in areas from the criminal justice system and health costs to unemployment payments.
“The HEMP Party calls on the major parties to follow Britains lead. If not, please explain why. The ALP should stop being bluffed by the coalitions old style drug scare-mongering tactics.”
Michael Balderstone NSW HEMP Senate Candidate

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