Closing Week for Submissions

This week is your last chance to send submissions into the NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into the medical use of cannabis.


Nimbin HEMP Embassy is urging medicinal cannabis users and their friends to write to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Medical cannabis.

“This is the last week left to make a submission, the closing date is next Friday Feb 15th,” says President Michael Balderstone.

“We are more than happy to pass on submissions or we have been assured they can be sent anonymously. Politicians it seems, as well as us, understand the paranoia prohibition causes.”

“This is a rare chance to get heard, or at least read. Tell them your story. How cannabis helps you and how prohibition affects you.”

“Perhaps this is the first step in Australia reviewing the cannabis laws and the reefer madness that still seems to grip so many of our decision makers. Mind you, to make any change, they’ll have to put up with Big Pharma, the alcohol industry, the Church and the Police, to name a few, who have major vested interests in not changing the law.”

“On the other hand, there are dozens of countries now finally agreeing medical cannabis is “entirely appropriate”, as President Obama said, and he was talking from experience!”

“Studies in American States where medical cannabis is approved have shown significant drops in suicide rates, as well as less alcohol abuse and car accidents. There are untold benefits to be had, including huge health savings. If we can only get medical cannabis started the public’s fears will drop away as they have in America.”

How to lodge a submission


Medicinal Cannabis

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