Raw Medicine

Most patients can consume only 10 milligrams of THC at a time before they find the high so intense that they’re unwilling to keep ingesting the medicine.

THC, well known as the main psychoactive component in Cannabis, is found naturally in the “raw” plant in two forms, THC and the THC acid (THC-A).

As the plant is dried, heated or burned, THC-A is decarboxylated into THC, greatly increasing its potency – which explains why eating raw Cannabis, even mature buds, won’t really get you stoned.

Meanwhile, heat not only increases the THC content of Cannabis, but it may also destroy or degrade other medicinally beneficial cannabinoids found in the raw plant.

Raw Cannabis contains not just large amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids, but also enzymes and amino acids like THC-A that are largely or completely destroyed when Cannabis is combusted, or even heated enough to create medical edibles.

When it comes to raw Cannabis, the fresher the better – not just freshly picked leaves, but also juicing them as soon as possible and then consuming the juice while it’s still fresh.

Keep Cannabis juice refrigerated in a tightly sealed container for up to three days and dividing a single dose into four or five servings to be consumed every few hours over the course of the day.

Most Cannabis juicers suggest mixing it with apple, carrot, kale, lemon and other fresh fruits, both to mask the intense “green” taste of Cannabis leaves and for an added dose of nutrition.



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