Burnetts Recipe

To make the Aqueous Extract of Cannabis sativa, take one and a half pounds of the fresh leaves imported from Asia, and digest them in one gallon of warm water.

Let it stand for six days; then express all the liquid from the leaves. Put it in a glass vessel in a sand bath. Heat the filtered liquor to the boiling point; strain and evaporate to the proper consistence. The other ingredients of the Recipe maybe obtained without any difficulty. Dose—One small tablespoonful three times a day, before meals. If not effective, gradually increase to two.

Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, & Nervous Debility


Aqueous Fluid Extract of Cannabis sativa, Eight Ounces
Syrup of Wild Cherry Bark, Six Ounces
Extract of Calabria Liquorice, One half Pound
Salts of Tartar, Two Ounces
Tartrate of Antimony and Potass, Six Grains
Decoction of Slippery Elm Bark One Gallon



“To do good and to communicate, forget not.” Heb. xiii. 16.

CHRISTIAN FRIEND: The sincere Christian cannot read the above injunction of the Apostle to the Hebrews, without being forcibly reminded of an important and social duty — “To communicate and forget not.” And if all would act upon the principle, who can tell the amount of good that might be accomplished?

But such is the amount of wicked selfishness in this progressive, money grasping age–this age of mammon worship-that very few can be found to communicate, even to their suffering fellow creatures, anything worth knowing, unless such communication be made subservient to the rapid and inordinate accumulation of wealth, although the communicator may be surrounded with an over abundance of this world’s goods, and living under the certain conviction that it is in his power, by doing so, to lessen the amount of human suffering, of human misery, and thereby to greatly increase the amount of human happiness.

The golden rule of “Do unto others,” &c. &c., should be our motto; and we consider we have no right as Christians or as creatures, to stand idly by, and see our fellows falling around us by the ruthless hand of the destroyer while we are possessed of the means of relief; and we should not be carrying out the principle of the Apostle’s injunction, did we not communicate and save our suffering fellows.
This recipe is sent to you, fellow sufferers, from a sense of Christian duty, by one of age and experience; and though a minister of the Gospel, and for many years a missionary in distant parts of the globe, has also studied medicine, and before entering the ministry, was an experienced and prominent physician.

The virtues of the Cannabis sativa were made known to him while a resident in Southern Asia, after he had indulged in a series of experiments, which cost him much valuable time. That the reader may have had a clearer understanding of the nature of these experiments, the Rev. C.S. Burnett would say that, some thirteen years ago, his lot was cast as a missionary among the natives of Southern Asia, and trusts he was the humble means, in the hands of the great ruler of the nations, of doing, during a ten year sojourn, much good to that much neglected, though honest and hardy race.

While pursuing his labours, thus was brought to his notice, among other very valuable medicinal plants of that climate, an article called by the natives Hashish, made from the leaves of the Asiatic hemp, and used by them as a preservative of health and an exhilarant, Being a medical man, and deeming it his duty to obtain knowledge from whatever source, he took great pains to experiment on this plant. He observed that although this Hashish, obtained in crude or unprepared state, and without the aid of medical science, was very powerful, and would render those who took it exceedingly joyful, it left no bad effect behind. It was a stimulant without any reactionary results attaching to it-a great desideratum which the medical faculty for many years had fruitlessly endeavoured to find.

He became deeply interested in this curious preparation, and at once set to work to study its nature and effects very closely. The natives were in the habit of smoking the article in roughly made stone pipes manufactured by native stone-cutter. Both old and young were taught to use the pipe to a more or less extent, as they had great faith in the lasting good effects, both as a preservative and exhilarant. It was also taken by them in the form of a Syrup for all affections of a pulmonary or nervous nature.

He soon became convinced that it was a preventative of, as well as a remedy for Phthisis (or Consumption), in as much as that was a complaint that never affected those who habitually used it, and afforded prompt relief to those who did not. To those who smoked the preparation habitually, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, &c. &c., were unknown; and to those who were not habitual smokers, a few applications through the medium of the pipe had a marked and salutary effect. A little closer observation taught him that the Hashish of Asia and the Cannabis sativa of the English Pharmacopeia are one and the same thing; the only difference being that the latter was by far the best article embracing all the virtues of the plant, and combining none of its useless characteristics. Hope for the restoration of his afflicted fellow creatures in his far distant native land now took possession of his breast. He questioned the native physicians, or “medicine men,” and found the “Cannabis sativa” formed the basis of all their medicines for diseases of a nervous or pulmonary nature, and it promptly relieved all affections of the chest and lungs, air-passages, and throat. He also found it to act beneficially on all derangements of the biliary apparatus and the blood. It was considered a something that would restore animation to the prostrate frame, and vigour to the overtaxed mind, when all other preparations would fail. Stimulated by the hope of success, and the benefit of the suffering, he proceeded to make the experiments with this wonderful and blessed drug alluded to above, and devoted very hour he could spare from his other duties to the task of converting this article to a medicine that would preserve thousands of sufferers in his native land from a premature grave.

Since his return, three years ago, he has given it a thorough trial among his friends, and acquaintances. He commenced by giving the poor Consumptive minute doses of the Cannabis sativa, and it almost immediately produced a marked improvement, not only at the seat of the disease, but in the system generally. Their spirits soon became somewhat buoyant; their appetite slowly returned; their sunken cheeks began to fill, and a soft bloom took the place of the warning hectic flush that glowed on the countenance. Their shattered nerves seemed to gain their original strength; their eyes no longer glared with a false lustre; and their movements were more lively, instead of languid and vacillating. But flattering as were these changes, he knew they would only be visible as long as the Cannabis sativa in all sorts of combinations until he despaired of finding the right one, when, by the aid of science, h was directed to the one which he now gratuitously sends to you. With this recipe he has not yet failed to entirely eradicate the disease; and within the past two years he has sent the recipe and medicine, according to his diary, to over 1500 sufferers in different States. There is not a single symptom of Consumption that it does not at once take hold of and dissipate. Night Sweats Irritation of the Nerves, Peevishness, Failure of Memory, Difficult Expectoration, Sharp Pains in the Lungs, Sore Throat, Chilly Sensation, Inaction of the Bowels, Nausea at the Stomach, wasting away of the Muscles- all these afflictions disappear after the recipe has been faithfully tried for a reasonable length of time-say from one to three weeks, at the farthest. For very bad cases, weeks, perhaps months, of attention and adherence to the recipe will be required; but where the complaint has not gone beyond the incipient stage, a cure will surely be effected in from two to four weeks. It will break up and destroy the most severe cough in an incredibly short space of time; but this depends a geed deal upon the temperament of the patient. As it gives encouragement at once, there is no fear that any body who commences to take it, and observes the directions accompanying, will feel the slightest shade of doubt or disappointment in regard to it.

The Cannabis sativa, we might here say, is the most potent vegetable agent ever known for the cure of all nervous sufferings, annoyances, and irregularities. Nervousness ultimately terminates in Consumption. He mentions these facts thus particularly lest you may be impressed with the idea that the medicine made from the above recipe is a remedy for Coughs, Colds, consumption, &c. &c., only. Its use is recommended most urgently to all persons who are in this prostrate and terrible condition generally styled Nervous Debility. The Cannabis sativa is a sure cure for Nervous maladies of any character, even those manifesting themselves in Epilepsy, St. Vitus’ Dance, and insanity. It enriches the blood without inflaming it; it braces without stimulating too violently the nervous system; it frees and disburdens the viscera and other important organs; it removes obstructions and throws off viscid humours; it strengthens the general habits, and brings back the muscular fibres to their natural and healthy tone. It secures refreshing sleep; makes the head clear and easy; the spirits free, active, and undisturbed. And whatever is calculated to produce in a considerable degree all or any of these effects, must be under certain modifications and restrictions equally adapted for every species of decay.

The virtues of Cannabis sativa are daily demonstrated in eradicating the worst symptoms of nervous debility, establishing the fame of its certain success in those complaints which strike their root so deep in the constitution, so fatal to the happiness of mankind. In short, the laudable end of this remedy is the lessening of a great mass of human misery by the alleviation, relief, and prevention of those grievous afflictions that are in reality the secret foes of life; and which, while they so extensively surround us, call aloud for skill and interference for their extermination.

In forwarding the above recipe, some two years ago, to his friends and acquaintances, the Rev. C. S. Burnett intended nothing more at that period than to discharge what he considered a sacred duty; and he willingly incurred considerable trouble and some little expense in furthering the object in view. But the permanence of the cures then performed, and the number of those who have been since benefited, have given rise to such numerous applications, that he has been compelled to secure the services of a medical friend, (Dr. JAS. MARSHALL, of the London College of Pharmacy,) in preparing the Extract, and in replying to a correspondence that increases in a ratio for which he was wholly unprepared.

The Rev. C. S. BURNETT would caution you, if you make a Syrup of Cannabis sativa yourself, to be sure and get the genuine article. As the expense of importing it is considerable, and it does not pay the druggist who sell it any profit worth mentioning, it is the custom (we are sorry to say) to sell a preparation made from the Indian hemp grown in this country. This preparation is of little value, and worthless compared with the real article. This is easily accounted for. The American Indian Hemp is raised from the imported seed; but the curative and invigorating attributes of the plant are brought out only by its native climate. The cost for a sufficient quantity of the Cannabis sativa for the above recipe would be about one dollar and a half. Among the few druggists from whom the genuine leaves in good condition can be procured, the Rev C. S. BURNETT knows of none, at the present time, to whom he could recommend the sufferer to go to. He has obtained a few specimens of the pure leaves from one or two of the leading drug establishments of this city, but they are not altogether reliable.

Mr. BURNETT has an agent in Asia, by whom he is furnished with the genuine plant, and for the benefit of the afflicted and those who might desire it, he will cheerfully furnish them with the article free of profit; but those who do not wish to undergo the trouble of preparing the Medicine, will be accommodated by Mr. Burnett with it, neatly put up in his own house by his chemist, Mr. Marshall, in large bottles, accompanied by full and explicit directions for use, upon the remittance of TWO DOLLARS. This sum barely covers the cost of material, as bought and imported by him in large quantities, affording little or no remuneration for the trouble of superintending its manufacture, which is a tedious process, and the trouble of sending it when ordered. Sent to any part of the Union in strong wooden boxes, by Express; he having made special arrangements with the different Express Companies.

The Rev. Mr. Burnett’s purpose, however, in making medicine known, is not to realize money, as he trusts he has sufficient of this world’s goods, but to drive disease and death from the happy fireside, and to alleviate and banish some of the most fruitful sources of extreme human misery. The knowledge of effecting a vast deal of good- of substituting joy for sorrow- of preserving life- of defeating empiricism, and showing that the most terrible and annoying of all the recognized “ills that flesh is heir to,” must yield to his simple and harmless remedy- embodies all the reward he desires or asks for. He feels willing, and considers it his duty, to add his humble mite toward carrying out the blessed doctrine taught in the Sacred Volume, and practised by Him “who went about doing good.”
While taking Mr. Burnett’s recipe, the patient will be very much benefited by observing the following rules: – Take exercise that will not fatigue every clear day, but never on an empty stomach. The diet should be plain yet nourishing- soups, vegetables, boiled meats, &c. &c. Fresh bread should be avoided. Use very little butter.

The bowels should be kept open gently. They should be allowed to move every twenty four hours, and should not be allowed to run over this period. While using the medicine, please take no astringents, even if the bowel be quite loose, as the Cannabis sativa will speedily rectify all trouble of that character. Avoid the night air, by all means, until you are entirely recovered; also avoid all excitement of a violent nature, and have as little to do with intoxicating drinks as possible- touch them on no account while taking the Cannabis sativa. Bathe freely in tepid water, rubbing the skin freely with a coarse towel. After leaving the water, you will find rubbing the body, as often as once a day, with a mixture composed of equal parts Olive Oil and New England Rum, to have a happy and salutary effect, and will aid much in your restoration.
The Rev. C. S. Burnett again kindly cautions you against the use of spurious or American Cannabis. He does this on his own account as well as yours; for if the pure Cannabis sativa, from the native climate, be not used in the prescription, the medicine will not have the effect he promises. If the patient wishes to triumph over a lingering disease and premature death, his directions must be carefully and strictly observed.

Take particular notice- If the patient experience great benefit from the use of the medicine in two or three weeks from the time of commencing to take it, it would be advisable to gradually reduce the dose at least one third or more.

Correspondence- It will always be a source of pleasure to the Rev C. S. Burnett, to receive communications from his fellows, detailing results of a beneficial character emanating from the use of the Cannabis sativa. Correspondence from any part of the country will be carefully read and cheerfully answered, free of charge, giving any advice to the afflicted that may be asked for or considered necessary by him, appertaining to the diseases now under consideration, namely: Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs, Colds, and any disease of a pulmonary or nervous nature.

To feel satisfied that he has succeeded in pointing out the road to health to one poor consumptive or nervous sufferer, will amply and richly repay your humble servant,
C. S. BURNETT, S81 Broadway, N. Y. City. (?circa 1930s – pre prohibition)

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