Cannabis maybe a cure for Epileptics


Since Today Tonight’s Queensland recent showing of Tony Bowers cannabis tincture stopping almost immediately the epileptic fits of a 7 year old girl who had been having fits since she was 6 weeks old, Tony and the Nimbin HEMP Embassy have been inundated with people trying to access the medicine.

“It’s absolutely appalling that we have to explain to people that, ‘sorry we cannot help you’ the Mullaway medical crop was destroyed by police last year”, said a frustrated President of the Embassy, Michael Balderstone.

“We are also discovering that the wider Nimbin community, which has been attracting medical cannabis users for decades, has many epileptic sufferers because in one way or another they have discovered that cannabis prevents them fitting without the side effects of other drugs.”

“How tragic does it have to get before politicians will act on this? We urge everyone to contact their local Politicians to enlighten them on what we are missing out on. The word is spreading fast out there on the internet about cannabis’s healing properties since it has become legal across so much of America. Hundreds of cancer sufferers also are phoning the Embassy wanting cannabis medicine.”

Tony Bower says the next time he will be in Nimbin will be the annual MardiGrass cannabis law reform rally and gathering on the weekend of May 4 and 5, so long as he is not locked up when he goes to court on April 23rd in Kempsey for his crop, which had every plant labelled with a patients number.

Mullaway on Today Tonight

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