Cannabis is far safer than alcohol. Wake up Australia!


“It’s ironic that alcohols ugly side hits the headlines just after blind Barry O’Farrell says even dying people will not be allowed to try Cannabis, throwing out his Governments special committee recommendations in one single dumb press release,” says Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President and WA Senate candidate. “So dumb and impossibly stupid it looked like it was written by Big Pharma. Would someone please tell Barry, Pharmaceuticals kill more people in Australia now than car accidents!”

“How come in Australia we are so far behind in recognising the benefits of Cannabis? America began legal medicinal pot in 1996 and now in 2013 almost 70% in the latest surveys are wanting fully legal and regulated Cannabis use for anyone over 21 year old. They have seen for themselves the benefits and harmlessness of the plant and surveys are showing significant decreases in alcohol use and car accidents, which clearly seem to travel together.”

“Maybe its time for some Aussie MP’s to take a fact finding tour of Americas new attitude to Cannabis use. They can even legally try it for themselves over there!”

“In the upcoming WA Senate election rerun, if we can raise the money, the HEMP Party will do advertisements like the American one which emphasises the difference between alcohol and cannabis effects. “Marijuana is less toxic than booze, and no hangover”, says another advert on a tram billboard.

More?……Michael at Nimbin HEMP Embassy….02 66890326/891842 a/h 02 66897525.
James Moylan (Campaign Manager) 0439377217



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