Cannabis dominates 70% of police drug work


“This weeks Australian Crime Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report is full of statistics to back up everything the Australia21 Futures committee said last month’, ”says the Australian HEMP Party President Michael Balderstone.

“The war on drugs is lost, our leaders just wont admit it. They need to address the issue and get over their fear of losing votes if the subject is put on the table.”

“As former High Court Judge Michael Kirby said this week, illegal drug use should be above political point scoring and all sides of politics needs to be game to discuss this burning issue. Locally we will not give up following our request for our local politicians to have a Public Forum for “the conversation” the Aust21 report asked us to have.”

The Crime Commission says there has been a record number of illicit drug seizures in the 2010/11 financial year with more than $1 billion worth of illegal drugs seized. There were almost 70,000 seizures in the 2010-11 financial year, the biggest number in a decade. Seventy-two per cent of seizures by number were of cannabis, while the drug accounted for 69.3 per cent of arrests. “What an incredible waste of police resources. 70% of police drug work is chasing a herb which has been used for as long as human records exist and still never managed to kill anyone. Unlike the war declared on it.”

“It’s hard to believe, with all the statistics we now have, that we just keep on the same ridiculous, dismal wheel of prohibition. Plus, whatever they are seizing amounts to around 10% of actual consumption the police themselves say, though how would they know? Its like a bad dream we refuse to wake up from.”

“Cannabis is the easy and safe bust for police. It’s smelly and bulky and virtually everyone ingests it by smoking which is a total giveaway compared to slipping a pill down. And it’s so easy for police to bust dreamy potheads rather than irascible drunks or raging ice-heads.”

“So why do we keep plodding along this wheel of failure? Who’s driving it? The old reefer madness was re-lit by Howard and Co but who fed them the lies?

Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose the most if we set free the weed anyone can grow in their backyard, but the alcohol industry too. Early statistics from America indicate medical cannabis dispensaries in your suburb results in a drop in alcohol use and car accidents. Or is the fear of decriminalising us hippies a bigger admittance that they got it wrong? Not just on the drug war, but solar power, permaculture, health food and all the other new age wisdom that arrived, coincidentally, with the use of cannabis.”

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