Big Party Theft and Thuggery



HEMP Party: “This is not democracy: it’s simple theft and thuggery.” The National Campaign Director of the HEMP Party, James Moylan, has described the major parties in Australia as ‘a bunch of crooks’.

“In 1984 the Labor and Liberal Parties used to get about 62 cents per primary vote cast for them in the House of Representatives and 31 cents for a Senate Vote.

In 2013 these same parties, now joined by the Greens, have decided that they deserve $2.48 per vote in either house. This is nothing more than a scam and Australians should be furious.”

“Taxpayer funding for elections was originally proposed and implemented to assist democracy but in recent years the big parties have been using it to make sure that they hang onto power regardless of what any Aussie voter might think.

The major parties have set the bar for election funding at 4% of the vote. This means that the Labor Party, the Liberal Party, and the Greens – all of the richest political parties in Australia – actually make a profit on their electioneering. While all the smaller parties in Australia not only have to post a $4,000 non-refundable bond for each state, but then get no recompense for all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they spend at every election.”

Mr Moylan also highlighted the new AEC regulations that the government recently announced, describing them as “Mafia style thuggery”. These regulations require all Federally Registered Political Parties in Australia to re-register for any election where they fail to get a candidate elected.

“This simply means that all the grassroots political parties in Australia start each election a mile behind the big parties. The big parties pay themselves a fortune for every vote they receive, but the smaller parties who really need it get nothing. The big parties get all their thousands of dollars posted in Candidate Bonds back as a matter of course while the smaller parties get knifed in the neck.

Now the big players have decided that parties like HEMP will have to spend half of every electoral cycle simply jumping through administrative hoops for no reason at all but to make sure that they can’t make life difficult for the big players.

This is not democracy: it’s simple theft and thuggery.”

For further info, Mr Moylan is on the Campaign Trail 0439377217

On Saturday the 8th of June Mr Moylan will be hosting a HEMP Activism & Police Wrangling Workshop in the Domain in Sydney (see  or follow the links to facebook events).

Also Sat June 15th in Brisbane‘s Botanic Gardens.



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