Aussie Smokers excited by legal Cannabis in the US

A joint press release from the Australian HEMP Party & the Nimbin HEMP Embassy.

Australian Cannabis users are excited that two American States have deserted the war on drug. On Tuesday Colorado and Washington State voters legalised the recreational use of Cannabis.

Australian HEMP President Michael Balderstone believes the implications for Australia are significant.

“Cannabis law reform is now on the agenda because two American States have put it there. Colorado’s ‘Amendment 64’ provides Australia with a well thought out model that should inspire our politicians. They’ve done the work for us. Now our leaders have no more excuses.”

“Our Prime Ministers’ response to the recent Australia21 Report was nothing less than tragic for us. She just parroted out the same ‘drugs kill’ nonsense that was considered ignorant and ill-informed more than twenty years ago. She needs to get up to date. The foreign minister Mr Carr seems to know what he is talking about when it comes to cannabis law reform, perhaps he can have a talk to her.”

“Our leaders just keep sweeping critical social problems under the carpet. Things like aboriginal incarceration rates and youth suicide, homelessness, alcoholism, and the increasing violence and dispossession that is fed by prohibition. How do you think the youth of today react when some man in a suit tries to tell them that smoking cannabis is ‘dangerous’? They think that they are being lied to. They think you can’t trust the Police, or the Courts, or any part of the government. So this is about getting rid of the phoney issues. This is about getting rid of the hypocrisy and lies that cannabis prohibition breeds?”


Michael Balderstone, President HEMP Party Australia, TEL: 0266890326/ a/h 66897525;

James Moylan, HEMP Party National Campaign Director, 0266218419


Ref: US election: Washington and Colorado citizens to be allowed to smoke cannabis freely
Rueters: Colorado, Washington first states to legalize recreational pot
Supporters of a Colorado constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana were the first to declare victory, and opponents conceded defeat, after returns showed the measure garnering nearly 53 percent of the vote versus 47 percent against.

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