I keep remembering that quote from Rev. Ray Richmond of the Way Side Chapel in Kings Cross, Sydney

“There was a lack of assurance that evidence based policies were of no interest to the government. When this kind of executive authority is being abused and you find you don’t have other ways of addressing that, you really do have to look at civil disobidence.”

From an interview with Rev. Ray Richmond while the tolerance Rooms were operating in May 1999.

The HEMP Party is asking all those people who have ever been hassled by police over pot or have a criminal record for pot to remember how they felt about these experiences when they go to vote on November 10 and VOTE 1 HEMP .
Can you imagine what it is like to have a couple of car loads of police raid your home, trash it and then to be dragged away in front of family, friends and community for a handful of pot?
In the past people had no recourse. They do now.

VOTE 1 HEMP send a message, your preferences still count. Use the system!
We don’t want to run the country. We just want to change a bad and unjust law that is doing irreparable damage to millions of Australian individuals and families.

Michael Balderstone,HEMP Party federal president

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