NSW Constitution


The HEMP Party will be registered for NSW state elections after a successful application with the NSW Electoral Commission.

Constitution and Rules

1. Name

1.1 The Name of the Party shall be Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (in the rules called the Party)

1.2 The abbreviation of the Party’s name shall be HEMP.

2. Aims.

The Aims of the Party shall be:
2.1 to endorse candidates to contest NSW elections to the Legislative Assembly and/or the Legislative Council of the NSW Parliament, (“the Parliament”) and also to any local council.

2.2 To re-legalise Cannabis in the state of NSW for:

2.2.1 personal use

2.2.2 medical and therapeutic uses

2.2.3. and industrial purposes

2.3 collecting and disseminating knowledge relating to all or any of the Party’s aims

2.4 campaigning to, and lobbying of, all sectors of the community

2.5 organising fund raising for the Party

2.6 conducting and facilitating research relating to all or any of the Party’s aims

2.7 to apply for and seek public funding for electoral purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Funding Act (1981) as amended

2.8 do all such things as may be necessary, expedient or desirable to carry out the aims of the Party as seen herein.

3. Membership

3.1 Any person enrolled on the electoral roll and eligible to vote in elections to the Parliament shall be eligible to be a member of the Party

3.2 Acceptance of membership to the Party is the determination of the Registered Officer

3.3 No initial or annual membership fees shall be payable by a member of the Party

3.4 Life Membership shall be established by a single payment of $100

3.5 A member may resign from membership of the Party by giving written notice thereof to the secretary of the party

3.6 It is a condition of membership that;

3.6.1 Members support the aims of the party and agree to accept the rules and regulations of the party

3.6.2 Members do not nominate against any preselected or endorsed candidates of the party for election.

3.6.3 Members do not actively oppose the party during any election.

3.6.4 Members, upon election to a Parliament or a local Council as an endorsed candidate of the Party must actively support the aims of the party as listed from 2.1 to 2.8

3.7 Expulsion of a Member: Subject to giving a member an opportunity to be heard or make a written submission to an Extraordinary General Meeting the Executive Committee may resolve to expel a member for any misconduct detrimental to the interests of the Party including any breach of rules 3, 6.1,6 .2,6 .3, or 6.4

3.8 Membership of the Party (HEMP NSW) shall be deemed to include membership of the HELP END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION (HEMP) PARTY registered under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

4. The Executive Committee

4.1 The Executive Committee of the Party shall be comprised of;

4.1.1 Secretary, who will be responsible for carrying out the administration, the keeping of the records, and for the conduct of the correspondence of the party.

4.1.2 Treasurer

4.1.3 President

4.1.4 Vice President

4.1.5 Registered Officer; and

4.1.6 Deputy Registered Officer

4.2 The Executive Committee in office at the date of registration of the Party shall, unless they resign, hold office for a period of one year from the date of such registration and shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General meeting of the Party.

5. The Annual General Meeting

5.1 Elections for office bearers will take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Party. Any member of the Party is eligible to stand for election

5.1.1 The secretary shall give 28 days notice of the AGM in a suitable newspaper.

5.2 Nominations must be received by the secretary at least one week before the Annual General Meeting.

5.3 All voting at the Annual General Meetings will be open ballot by those present at the meeting only. Voting for Office Bearers will be open ordinary ballot.

5.4 The secretary of the Party may make such regulations for the calling of Extraordinary General Meetings as may be appropriate to further the aims of the Party.

5.5 The Annual General and Extraordinary General Meeting can only meet for voting purposes if a quorum of any three members of the Executive Committee plus four other general members is reached.

6. Endorsement of Election Candidates

6.1 Candidates for election to the Parliament or to Local Councils shall be endorsed or disendorsed by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Party.

6.2 The allocation of preferences, if any, to other parties and/or candidates in elections to Parliament shall be determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with our candidate/s.

7. Amendment of the Constitution

7.1 The Constitution of the Party may be ammended, varied or added to on the recommendation of the Executive committee provided that any such ammendment is approved by a majority of members at an Annual General Meeting.

8. Adoption

8.1 The Constitution in toto was adopted at the 2006 Annual General Meeting.

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