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State Branch – Guide to Annual General Meetings
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Notification to members of the date, time, venue and Agenda items must be provided 28 days or more prior to the Meeting via email and/or notice in a suitable local publication.

List a Facebook Event on the State Page for directions and a record of activity.

Notice includes: Election of State Office Bearers. Nominations must be received by the Secretary at least one week before the Meeting.

Meeting Procedure

The Host will ensure there is; a quorum (at least 3 current office bearers plus 4 or more members); and, attendees names and email addresses are recorded in the Minutes.

The Minutes are an official, permanent record of the Meeting and must be a clear and concise summary.

The Host invites a member to Chair the vote for committee members (someone not nominated for a position).

The Host appoints a Returns Officer (a trustworthy member who is not nominated for a position).

The Chairperson announces the nominations for all positions and invites the nominees to introduce themselves to the members.

Voting is by open ballot for each position and recorded in the Minutes as declared by the Returns Officer.

Order of the vote shall be; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Compliance Officer.

Newly elected office bearers provide their details, full name, home address and signature, on a designated page (HEMP Branch Committee form).

The Chairperson and Returns Officer also provide their full name, home address and signature on the Committee form.

The new Committee has control of the Meeting and continues with the Agenda items.

  • Members in assistance to the Committee are appointed upon agreement.
  • Set the date, time and venue of the next Meeting.
  • Note the time and call the official Meeting closed.

Scan all documents into a digital file and email to the Federal Secretary as soon as possible.

Previous State Branch records are made available to the new Committee once the Meeting is declared valid.

Print Files


There are some State Branch forms to be signed by the new state officials and they will be sent to the address provided for everyone to affix their signatures.

The forms will be submitted to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) who mat contact the officers to verify the details provided are correct and to ensure compliance

The Registered Officer for each State will be supplied with detailed instructions on how to record any incoming donations and how to ‘keep the books’ for your branch. Previously elected officers must pass on their records to the newly elected counterpart.

State branches have their own bank account and can accept donations. All online donations (which should be the bulk) will be divided proportionately amongst all the state branches except for those that have been donated to a particular State Branch.

Financial disclosure

The disclosure scheme requires candidates, registered political parties, their State Branches, local branches/sub-party units and their associated entities, donors and other participants in the electoral process to lodge annual or election period financial disclosure returns with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Political parties registered with the AEC and their state or territory branches are required to lodge an annual Political Party Disclosure Return by 20 October each year.

For the purposes of disclosure, organised state or territory branches of registered political parties are treated as being separate to the registered party and must complete their own annual return form.

All forms linked from the page;

Financial disclosure:

Political parties:

Associated entities:

Nomination Guide for Candidates

If you’re thinking about standing as a candidate for the Commonwealth Parliament, this pamphlet outlines the steps you will need to take when nominating for the Senate or the House of Representatives.

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