A Young Supporter

Hey there, I just want to express my support for your Party and I would like to say that, as a 16 year old I’m still not able to vote but I will be joining and voting for you guys when I am able too.

My support however does not come from use but rather education, it seems completely ludicrous that cannabis is portrayed as such an evil drug, it doesn’t help that our government says thing like “it destroys families” when they go ahead and throw users in jail (which is, to be honest what is more likely to destroy families) I’m not trying to preach to you guys as anything I could say for my support of legalization you will already completely know, however this subject is the one thing that inspires me to want to make a difference in the world, and I’d like to once again point out that this isn’t due to use, I choose not to use as I am a student with a still developing mind, for the same reasons I choose not to drink.

However I do need to raise a point, I am sure you are aware of the new legislation in Western Australia, which is very backwards in regards to realistic progress. Something needs to be done, and I feel the need to make an effort, unfortunately as I am only 16 I feel that anything I do won’t be taken seriously and I’ll be brushed off as a typical teenaged stoner.

I’ve been considering putting together an activist video for youtube, unfortunately it is extremely difficult to really get noticed on youtube, let alone have that video target a specific audience (in this case, it would be the Western Australian populace) and as such, I feel that any effort I make will be useless. It really sucks when you are passionate about a subject but can’t express it because of the fact that you’re an individual without the kind of money to promote that subject.

In this regard, I wish your party the best of luck in your endeavor and hope that, within my lifetime I see the government undo this barbaric prohibition.


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