2012 NSW Parliament Drug Summit?


“The illegal drug issue must be removed from the too hard basket.,” says Michael Balderstone, HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Party President, as he prepares to join Tony Bower and Mullaways Medical Cannabis Treaty convoy leaving Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy for Sydney next Sunday bound for Macquarie Street to deliver the treaty on Tuesday.

“It feels reminiscent of the Cannabus trip to Sydney for Bob Carr’s 1999 Drug Summit and that’s just what’s needed again,’ he said.“Lets hear from the experts, if you don’t believe the users.”

Mr Bower will be giving away his medical cannabis next Tuesday 23rd August from 11 am outside Parliament House in Sydney and already has many supporters and patients promising to be there. We have watched Tony help and heal people for years and we feel he’s a man of great integrity and deserves support.

We will ask the Premier to review the ‘drug war’ and place it on the political agenda again. It’s in the news every day but rarely questioned for effectiveness. Mark Standen and the London gang riots are both consequences of the dismally failing drug war.

Over two million Australians use cannabis regularly the statistics say. Over two million people criminalised for self medicating with a plant that humans have used for as long as history is recorded and with no deaths from its use.

People take drugs for basically one reason from what I can see, here on Nimbin’s main street most days. To alter their mind and change how they feel. To feel good, or at least feel better. For some, it is to feel less pain.

Up until the late 1900s there was little regulation of drug production and while there were effective medicines there were also dubious preparations, often containing narcotics, which could have unwanted consequences. It was decided to regulate drug production, and test medicines before they were released to the public.

There are still medicines with unwanted side effects that do not necessarily provide the designed treatment. Things did not change quite as much as expected. Along with that, we threw out a few babies with the bathwater, so to speak. Cannabis has useful properties, and can be an effective medicine for some conditions.

If we have to have a regulated pharmaceutical situation, let’s see some evidence based regulation that allows medical cannabis use, because there is nothing noble or ethically superior in causing unnecessary suffering. Rather than the current fobbing off any considerations on the matter, let’s look at this and find a sensible life enhancing solution.

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