2012 Measure 80 – The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 is a citizen’s initiative campaign to regulate cannabis and restore industrial hemp. The goal is to protect Oregon’s children and increase public safety by creating a series of regulations around the growth and sale of cannabis and industrial hemp. Just as ending alcohol prohibition and regulating that market has protected society, regulating cannabis will help keep cannabis away from children and ensure cannabis or marijuana is only sold to adults over the age of 21.

Measure 80 main points

Protect Oregon’s children by ensuring that, like liquor, cannabis is only sold to adults.

Regulate the growth and sale of cannabis, dramatically shrinking the black market.

Restore the agricultural hemp industry. Hemp offers an alternative green fuel source, and its fibers can be used for clothing, food, and more.

Generate tax revenue for the state. Eliminate millions of dollars spent on corrections costs.

Create jobs both through the cannabis and hemp industries.

Currently the state of Oregon spends $61.5 million in law enforcement, corrections, and judicial costs, just on the enforcement of cannabis related incidents. Not only would this Act eliminate most of those costs, it would generate over $140 million a YEAR by taxing commercial cannabis sales to adults.

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act will restore the hemp industry. Hemp, made from the seeds and stems of the cannabis plant, can be used for food products, clothing, fuel, paper and more. This Act will continue Oregon’s legacy as a sustainability leader and create green jobs in a time when our economy is still struggling.

90% of the proceeds will go into the state general fund, 7% for drug treatment programs, 1% each for drug education in public schools, and two new state commissions to promote hemp bio fuel and hemp fiber and food.

Read the initiative; http://octa2012.org/oregon-cannabis-tax-act-legislation/

Read the full details on the website at; http://octa2012.org

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